Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What's Japanese for "It's Frickin' Freezin' in Toronto, You Arsehole"?


Tomo Ohka has a preliminary deal in place to be the fourth injury-plagued member of the Blue Jays All-Disabled List rotation.

The good news for Jays fans? There's now no way in hell that they'll be stuck with Josh Towers in their rotation this season.

The bad news is... they've got Tomo "Ow, my hangnail" Ohka.

Didn't he have an incident a not too terribly long ago where he cheesed off Frank Robinson by refusing to hand the ball to his then-skipper?

I wonder how that will sit with John Gibbons, who had a similar incident with departed starter Ted Lilly and demanded a duel involving canadian bacon at high noon in the Rogers Centre.

Let's go to the video tape!

I 've said it before and I'll say it again. You Tube is brilliant.

So, if Tomo Ohka threatens John Gibbons' manlihood and Gibbons winds up wiping the smarmy look off Ohka's face, does it create an international incident that results in Japan wiping all those hockey-lovers off the face of the earth? If nothing else, it would make the AL East a bit more interesting this year.

Oh, and the A's traded a washed-up reliever to the Reds for a talented 24 year old minor league pitcher. BRILLIANT MOVE, REDS!

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